Welcome to Our new Yingifts blog

After 10 months of operating, we are now thrilled about using blog as another medium to share about traditional Chinese culture and the art forms of it. Embroidery will definitely be the hero of our blog.

Aside from keeping you updated with the latest developments at Yingifts, we will also give you a firsthand look at how silk embroidery is produced, feature interviews with our behind scene embroidery artists, and provide tips on how to appreciate silk embroidery. You can also expect us to share other amazing creations that we think you will appreciate!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Our new Yingifts blog”

  1. I saw this exquisite art in Be Creative magazine. It is truly amazing and art of the highest order. Thank you for bringing such beautiful work to the world’s attention.

    • Hello Kathleen,
      can’t believe you have read the magazine already! Thank you so much for your warm comment, we’ll be working hard to maintain the high standard of our products, meanwhile keep on promoting more of our traditional arts to more people!

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