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Tip: Put on hand cream first before you start to unpack your silk threads.

How to split 1 silk thread into 2 strands?

Don’t use double strands with a knot at the end!

Use single strand like below, don’t make a knot!

How to start 1st stitch without making knot?

How to do ending stitch without making knot?


1. HD Photo Downloads:

2. Color Guides (please be noted that the project has been upgraded to 9 red colors for a better and smoother transition since 2021):

3. Stitching Instructions (Upper line of subtitle indicates stitching layer, lower line indicates color):

Videos here are 4x speed, if you’d like to check original speed version of stitching videos, please check Youtube Channel of our partner Chinese hand Embroidery苏绣-苏州刺绣.

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