Blooming Peonies



Fan Diameter: 20cm ( 7 7/8 inches)

Fan with handle: 34.5cm (13 5/8 inches)

Weight: 70g (2.47 oz)

This is a Double-sided Chinese Embroidery Fan, stitching takes place on both sides of single transparent silk fabric, all the loose threads and knots are skillfully hidden, which means both sides of the fan look exactly the same. It comes with a plastic fan rack, may be displayed to show both sides.

The embroidery captures the essence of peonies in full bloom. With its luscious and full blossom, the peony also known as the “king of flowers” in Chinese, representing riches and honor. The vibrancy of peonies is beautifully expressed in this embroidery, offering the viewer a sense of the divine.

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