DIY Kit | Purple Hellebore


Chinese embroidery DIY kit, it’s not a finished product.

Each Kit Includes:

  1. Pre-printed fabric
  2. Silk threads
  3. Needles (NO.11 x 1 & NO.12 x 1)
  4. Color guide
  5. Threads preparation video guide
  6. Stitching video instructions

*Hoop is NOT  included, to purchase:

About This Embroidery Kit:

  • Level: ★★★★★
  • Style: Su Embroidery
  • Technique: Single-sided, Random Stitches
  • Estimated Stitching Time: 14h – 18h
  • Features: Exquisiteness, Natural Color Transition
  • Recommended to advanced users who have had enough experiences in embroidering, excellent color sensitivity is required to freestyle the flower part.
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