Qingming Festival


Embroidery self: 38cm * 101cm

With soft-mount: 55cm *121cm

This hanging embroidery is mounted onto a soft, flexible backing with a cloth mat border. It is the ideal solution for framing the silk art yourself later or it may be hung as-is. The soft-mount can be cut to any size and may be glued to a backboard for easier positioning. It can also be rolled for storage which makes shipping easier and more economical.

This piece is considered to be one of “Chinese civilization’s greatest masterpieces.” Painted by hand in scroll format, the piece reveals the daily life of all levels of society from rich to poor. The geometric accuracy of the images and the variety of natural elements brings to life the architecture, people, and scenery. Embroidered in silk, every minute detail of the painting is shown and reproduced beautifully.

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