Ying in the mountain

Meet Ying, the founder of Yingifts, an online gift shop based in Whistler, Canada. The name “Ying” means “The Top” in Chinese.

At Yingifts, we bring you the best of oriental beauty by carefully selecting and curating crafts from Asia to North America. Our aim is to provide you and your loved ones with unique and meaningful gifts.

Before moving to Canada, Ying lived a fast-paced life working for a big international company, always in the air for business. However, upon turning 30, she realized that success wasn’t everything and decided to leave her job to travel the world and find true happiness.

Her travels led her to Whistler, where she discovered a love for snowboarding, hiking, and biking in the mountains and lakes. Here, she also found the love of her life and got married.

Growing up in China, Ying never appreciated the traditional culture and beauty of the orient until her life experiences opened her eyes to the limitless definition of beauty. This led her to start Yingifts, a company rooted in the Orient and spreading love and appreciation for oriental beauty across the world.

With Yingifts, Ying hopes to bring joy, love, and inspiration to your life through meaningful gifts.