Ying in the mountain

Hi, I’m Ying, Yingifts is named after my name, in Chinese, it means “The Top”. We are an online gift shop based in Whistler, Canada.

We select and collect beautiful crafts from oriental countries to North America, to you and to the ones you love!

Before moving to Canada, I used to work for a big international company, always flew back-forth for business, I was living a life in the air, barely touched the ground. I was spending all my time and energy to pursue “The Top”.

When the age of 30 hit me, I started to wonder what kind of life I really want.

Not long after my 30th birthday, I quit my job and went to travel the world, go snowboarding without stress from work, I finally felt I was LIVING A LIFE again! And life itself is not all about success but is lived in those moments when you hug a tree, make a child smile, walk on grass in your bare feet, swim in a river, pet a dog, climb a mountain, share a cup of coffee with the needy, kiss a flower, and laugh uncontrollably with lovely people…

Moving to Whistler Canada might be the best decision I’ve ever made. I snowboard a lot, hike and bike a lot, enjoy the mountains and lakes a lot, smile and laugh a lot. And the most important thing is I met the other half of my life here, now I’m a happily married woman!

I grew up in China but never appreciated traditional Chinese culture as a little girl, I didn’t discover the oriental charm when I was young until I became a woman, my entire life experience opened up my world and changed my definition of BEAUTY, I suddenly realized true beauty has no boundaries!

I saw the opportunity to share the appreciation of oriental beauty, so I seized it with founding Yingifts which has its roots deeply grow in the Orient, flourishes like a tree and spread love throughout the whole world.

I wish Yingifts would bring you the right gifts, and somehow fill your heart with joy, love, and inspiration!

Ying H