What is your shipping coverage?

We deliver to destinations that Canada Post delivers. If Canada Post doesn’t deliver to your address, we’ll have to cancel your order. Thanks for your understanding.

Due to COVID-19, Canada Post suspended delivery services to many countries. Check this LINK to see if your country’s affected.

Contact us if your country is not affected but it shows “No shipping method were found” at checkout, we’ll get back to you asap.

Does my shipping come with tracking?

Most orders deliver to Canada and United States come with tracking numbers. (Except Bookmarks and ACC)

For orders from other locations eligible for free shipping, the standard free shipping DOES NOT come with tracking and only works when Canada Post delivers to your destination. You may choose to upgrade your shipping method at checkout or leave us a note, we’ll contact you shortly.

Please be aware that you are at your own risk and we are not responsible for parcel lost (very small chance) if you choose standard shipping with no tracking. Thanks for understanding.

I live in or close to Whistler, BC. can I pick up my order myself?

Yes, absolutely! Type in your Canada address and select Local Pick Up at checkout, you will receive an email when your item is ready for pickup.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Our items are mostly ready to ship and will be shipped within 1-2 business days.


We’re sure you would like to exam the item yourself before you send it out as a gift ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s why we don’t do gift wrapping. We are here to offer the best quality crafts & arts, meanwhile, we are trying not to create more waste for our planet.

You may find some re-used packaging material comes with your item. We sincerely hope you can support us with this decision, and please reuse or recycle the package you received!

A lot of thanks from us and our blue planet!


Are these embroideries hand-made?

Yes and no, the double-sided embroideries are hand-made while the hanging embroideries are machine-made.

What’s a double-sided embroidery?

The double-sided embroidery, also known as double sides embroidery or two-faced embroidery, is a technique in which stitching takes place on both sides of single transparent silk fabric. The design shows on both sides (front and reverse). All the loose threads and knots are hidden skillfully. Such a piece can be displayed in a double-sided wooden photo frame to show both sides of the piece.

What’s an embroidery fan for?

Obviously, it’s used for relieving summer heat, but for symbolizing the status and power of the user. Chinese fan boasts a long history of over thousands of years. As far back as in the Shang Dynasty. Originally, Embroidery fans are usually used by females in ancient China, they are the high-end kind of silk dancing fans. The frame of the fan is mainly made of bamboo, sandalwood or cow bone. The cover is always made of various kinds of silk with flowers and small animal patterns. Every embroidery fan in Yingifts is double-sided, comes with a plastic fan rack, which means it can be displayed to show either side and both sides.

What is soft-mounted?

Our hanging embroidery comes soft-mounted. It is mounted onto a soft, flexible backing with a cloth mat border. It is the ideal solution for framing the silk art yourself later or it may be hung as-is. The soft-mount can be cut to any size and may be glued to a backboard for easier positioning. It can also be rolled for storage which makes shipping easier and more economical.


What’s the currency of your shop?

All the items listed in Yingifts.com are in Canadian Dollars.